About Us

Welcome to Highlandforce.com

We are a company based in Houston, Texas
that specializes in sourcing international
remote staffing at a considerable discount

Our Founder

Our founder Emerich Esqueda has been hiring international talent for his projects for over 13 years.  During this time, he has been getting excellent results with unparalleled loyalty from his staff yet at a steep discount when compared to their US counterparts.

The idea of offering international staffing services grew out of a desire to assist small and medium businesses to adapt and become more competitive by lowering their cost and at the same time boosting their performance and results.

Our Story

In the past year we have seen all the difficulties this new COVID pandemic has imposed on small and medium businesses.  We have also seen how the business community has warmed up to the concept of remote staff out of necessity.  Business has seen and understood that the current paperless technologies enable remote work capabilities for most job positions.

We believe that businesses that can adapt to the new normal will survive and those who don’t may perish.

An Opportunity

Compete To Win

We hope our firm becomes a critical ally in your staffing strategy to enable your business objectives and your success!

Improve your performance in any of the following areas:

International Remote Staffing By Numbers

Maximum Percentage of Savings In Labor Costs
% Average Annual Employee Churn Rate
% Our Annual Employee Churn Rate
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