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Smart Outsourcing

Our Hybrid Approach is Unbeatable

Traditional Offshore Outsourcing Sucks

Many companies outsource to gain a competitive edge over their competitors by reducing cost.  However, offshore outsourcing often creates lots of problems around quality, process inefficiencies and customer frustration

Our Hybrid Model Is Vastly Superior

We have a team lead or department lead located here in Houston, TX and the rest of the staff is located in Latin America.   This provides a very low cost structure while maintaining the American standard of quality

Custom Tailored Outsourced Team

We assemble a team of dedicated professionals that fit your company culture and uniquely equipped to meet your needs

Enables You To Focus On Your Business

Give us your non-core business area that is distracting you from your core business competency.

Starting At $8/hour Per Professional

We can build an entire team of high productivity individuals trained in the US corporate culture

Scale Faster By Partnering With Us

Our specialty is staffing so we can grow and adapt very quickly to your business needs.  Let us be your growth partner.
Your Outsourcing Strategy Matters

Take the Smart Route to Grow Your Business

Finding Talent

We do it best!

Team Management

Native US Team Lead

Tracking Performance

Dashboard & Metrics

Continuous Improvement

We use the right tools to track results and productivity

Quality Assurance

We help you build feedback loops to stay on top of performance

Contact Us for a Free Quote

We will assess your needs and provide a quote. Once we receive approval, we can build your team fast